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Here is the latest on our projects.


Hiking with Wolves


On Saturday, May 17, the Wolf OR-7 Expedition kicked off a 1,200 mile trek across Oregon and Northern California following in the footsteps of a young male wolf named OR-7. The journey is an effort to create a greater understanding of how humans and wolves can coexist. After decades of endangerment OR-7, tracked by a GPS collar, is the first documented free-roaming wolf in California in nearly 90 years. David de Rothschild, founder of Xplore and the Lost Explorer, is expected to join the group for a short leg of the trip. Xplore along with Sculpt the Future Foundation are official expedition sponsors. You can find out more on their website or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


Ahead of the Curve


This month Xplore appeared in the latest edition of the Curve Report, which specializes in market insights and is published by NBC Universal. The issue, titled “Super 8,” investigates the emerging trends and people redefining video content. In Nichework Execs they highlight Xplore’s role in the rise of hyper local content that’s forging deeper connections with audiences through niche interests and topics. You can check it out here.


On the Ground in the Philippines

World Exposure     

For the past week Xplore has been on the ground in the Philippines doing research as part of a new partnership with Ms. Mercedes Zobel. Our preliminary trip is an opportunity to listen and learn from leaders on the ground and bright spots across the country. From these important perspectives we hope to understand how innovation might be applied in a unique way to create self-sustaining shelters, with measurable impact, that will complement existing efforts. More to come.


From Trash to Floating Christmas Tree

To celebrate the holidays the Xplore team surprised some early morning surfers in Venice, CA, with a floating Christmas tree. The marine sculpture was made from reclaimed fishing nets, a mast, strands of lights and a leaky old boat. We strapped a dinky little engine to it and chugged slowly through the ocean in the dead of night to arrive just before dawn.

You can watch the short video here.


Dallas Innovation Hub

World Exposure     

Xplore recently partnered with Hunt Oil in Dallas to discover insights and build a strategy for a global network of urban youth innovation labs. For over 5 months we immersed ourselves in the ecosystem of young people. We met with and interviewed over 100 students, parents and teachers. We partnered with authors, visionaries and pioneers from Harvard, Stanford and Oxford to map the emerging innovation movement and investigated over 60 bright spot organizations to define best practices and key success factors. And we analyzed 6 large volumes of literature and 12 leading innovation centered schools.

The outcome was an actionable, insight driven strategy to create the next generation of young people who will change the world.  


Plastiki in Dallas


Following its long journey across the Pacific and back again, the Plastiki is making new public appearances. To kick off the summer she stood as the centerpiece for Southern Methodist University’s Humanity and Engineering week to spark conversation about waste as a design flaw, innovating for social good, and the power of dreaming. After that she landed out front of the main entrance to the Perot Museum as part of an exhibit that engaged young people about the ocean and the effects of plastic on its fragile ecosystem. Last month she just wrapped up a stay at the Texas State Fair that gets an estimated 3 million visitors.

We’re now working on a program for 2014 and thinking up new exciting ways to tell the story of Plastiki.


Our work is motivated by the opportunity to unlock human potential and accelerate social good.

World Exposure

Xplore and award-winning global communications agency, Exposure, are collaborating on a new generation of services and solutions offered for a changing world. Achieving sustainable prosperity while creating social and environmental good is now integral to any corporate, governmental or non-governmental organization. World Exposure delivers business transformational strategies and consumer communication campaigns to create effective corporate social responsibility programs that will ensure better brand positioning on the global stage.

see more at:



Founders Jason and Camilla Iftakhar are taking aim at producing the best adult kick scooters in the world. By combining timeless elegance, functional design, and a desire for fun they’re looking to fill a need in urban mobility. The slim line aesthetic and unique folding mechanism make it stylish and highly practical. The SwiftyONE has been featured in publications like British GQ magazine and part of a collaboration with fashion design icon Paul Smith.

Xplore has worked with Swifty since June of 2013 to organize new investment for their growing business.

You can learn more about their products by visiting:



How do you raise awareness for the 73.9 million pounds of plastic in our oceans? In 2010 David de Rothschild and a crew of engineers, scientists, artists, and sailors built a boat out of 12,500 2-liter plastic bottles, called it Plastiki, and sailed it 8,000 nautical miles from San Francisco to Sydney, Australia.

Today the legacy of their journey lives on. New efforts to inspire the kind of courage, innovation, imagination and desire for adventure, necessary for tackling the biggest social and environmental challenges, are a part of Xplore’s role in keeping the Plastiki brand and trade mark alive and active.

Check out their story on:


Love Your Brain

Former professional snowboarder Kevin Pearce is leading a movement to Love Your Brain. After rising to the top tier of his sport, a traumatic brain injury ended his career just shy of the 2010 winter olympics. Motivated by his experiences, Kevin has set out to inspire people to better understand the most vital and fragile human organ, the brain. Using his story, he continues to instill hope in others who face adversity, as well as encourage a growing community of followers to make smarter and healthier choices in their active lifestyles.

Kevin, Adam Pearce and Xplore are currently working together on developing a sustainable business case around the purpose and core values of Love Your Brain.

You can check out the Crash Reel, an award-winning documentary about Kevin’s story.

Website coming soon.

The Lost Explorer

A lifestyle concept led by David de Rothschild, the Lost Explorer nurtures the adventurer in everyone with authentic, desirable and functional products that encourage us to embrace the unknown and tap into the curious pursuits that make us all everyday explorers. Each piece is inspired by the demands of a desert, mountain, ocean, jungle, or urban environment. The originally crafted, curated and collaborated labels are committed to a safe, stylish, sustainable, and successful navigation through the expected and unexpected adventures in life.

Website coming in early December.

About our Team

Under a common label we share our experience and creative problem solving expertise to get unique, one-of-a-kind projects and ideas off the ground.

Simon Wright

Chief Executive Officer, Xplore

Simon’s business leadership spans nearly two decades with his roles as President and CEO of Virgin Entertainment Group, CFO of Virgin Entertainment Group, Chairman of Virgin Cinema, and CFO of Virgin Retail UK, along with strategic advisor to a number of international retail brands.

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David de Rothschild

Chief Curiosity Officer, Xplore

Living curiously since 1978, David is the creator of the Plastiki Project, author of several books, a Sundance TV series and a National Geographic documentary. He has been recognized by UNEP as a Climate Hero, National Geographic as an Emerging Explorer, World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader and the Clinton Global Initiative as a Lead Member.

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Katie Ardern

General Manager, Xplore

Katie’s expertise is operations, with over 7 years as general manager for Adventure Ecology, Myoo Media– the team behind Plastiki, and now Xplore. She is a Trustee of Sculpt the Future Foundation, and on the Board of Directors for Plastiki Film Co, Seretex Inc, and Myoo Media Inc.

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Matthew Grey

Project Director, Xplore

Matthew makes creative and adventurous projects come to life, drawing from his diverse experience as a news and editorial photographer, British army officer, expeditionary bridge engineer, and most recently the lead in delivering the Plastiki project, a boat made from plastic bottles that sailed from San Francisco to Sydney.

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Martin Metz

Communications Manager, Xplore

After starting out in the world of politics working with Gavin Newsom, former Mayor of San Francisco, and Senator Dianne Feinstein, Martin joined the Plastiki Project and now Xplore to lead the design and communication of projects and brands that engage, educate and activate.

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Robert Hildreth

Project Manager, Virtual Planet

During his time as Global Head of Strategy for Saatchi & Saatchi Sustainability and Partner at Blu Sky Consulting Robert advised, designed and implemented initiatives for brands like Walmart, NBC, Sony, and Frito-Lay and co-designed the Personal Sustainability Project (PSP), the world’s largest sustainability program.

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Cliff Plumer

President, Xplorer.tv

With over 25 years of experience in roles like President/CEO of Digital Domain Productions and CTO of LucasFilms, Cliff has a proven track record for leading the digital entertainment and media technology industry. He has overseen the creation of award-winning innovations that have been used in some of Hollywood’s biggest productions.

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Susan Reeve

Project Manager, Virtual Planet

Creator of National Geographic’s ground breaking Emerging Explorers Program, Susan’s leadership as Director of the Explorers Program brought recognition to young trailblazers worldwide. Her initiatives, whether launching the highly successful Explorers Symposium or establishing the Masai Mara 80,000 acre wildlife preserve, are designed to move and inspire.

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